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Prof Inyang receiving the award from the students' union.

UNICAL: Prof John Inyang Made Patron Of Students’ Union

By Lekan Macualay/Endurance Onun:

Ex-Commissioner for Lands and Yakurr PDP Caucus Leader, Prof (Eld) John Ofem Inyang has been honoured with the responsibility of a patron of the reputable foremost students’ organization of University of Calabar, Calabar after awarding him, ‘Hero of Education’.

The Students’ Union Government (SUG) of the institution, under the leadership of Comr. Raymond Moses Derek (RMD) conferred this role to Prof. Inyang, last week when they awarded him ‘Hero of Education’ in recognition of his contributions to the growth of education and development of Nigerian Students at large.

An official of the Union, Comr. Save-us Okoi, a 500L student of Radiography, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences who spoke to Cross River Daily on behalf of the President said the purpose of the award was to bring to limelight the efforts and sacrifices Prof. Inyang has made towards the growth of students’ unionism and the student’s welfare.

Comr. Save-us, a one time Welfare aspirant of the union and formerly Chief-of-Staff to the emeritus union president, Comr. Afufu Anthony described Prof. Inyang’s relationship with the students’ body as “a cordial father and son relationship”, pointing out that the students were ever indebted to him.

Speaking with CrossRiverDaily on his new role, Prof John Inyang said he was shocked when he first heard his nomination and that he could not help but receive it with great joy.

According to Inyang, it seems the students’ body might have accessed his performance and cordiality with students when he was still staff of the institution. Inyang said that before his appointment as a Commissioner in 2015, he was formerly an Examination Officer, Students Adviser, Representative at the Graduate School (graduating many undergraduate and post graduate students), Sub Dean of Faculty of Art, noting that all these portfolios were avenues to relate with students, affirming that he maximized the said avenues to the best of his profit and that of the students.

On what he will be bringing to table for the students, as their benefactor he now is, Prof Inyang he had already advised the students’ leadership to explore ways through-which students can acquire good and selling entrepreneural skills as an addition to their field of academic study.

He pledged that at anytime the students come up with such programmes, he will, by God’s grace be of maximum support as such will enhance the students employability chances upon graduation.

Inyang who noted that the honor as a patron of the union was, perhaps, coming from his contributions to the wellbeing of students, he stated that he sees the new role as a challenge to improve on that so as not the let the students down.

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