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TRIBUNAL: Ekureku Chiefs Banish Indigenes, Families For Witnessing Against Egbonna

The unimaginable has happened and the people letdown by those supposed to mirror sanity, godly intentions and best practices. Traditional chiefs in Ekureku community of Abi Local Government Area have banished three (3) of its indigenes alongside their families for witnessing before a tribunal on election petitions they perceived not in favour of their choiced candidate for the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency, Alex Egbonna, a native of Ekureku.

Recall that sometime in April this year, Cross River Daily reported a distress call from the then Abi Security Council chairman, Barr. Iwasam Adaga; how that, certain traditional rulers in partnership with APC chieftains in Ekureku were all-about intimidating and threatening agents of his party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) shortlisted to testify before the John Gaul vs. All progressive Congress (APC) election tribunal. Mr. Iwasam alerted that these traditional rulers and APC chiefs had concluded plans to mal-handle and banish whoever, of Ekureku nativity, showed up for witnessing, while pleading on his party’s top-notch and the government of the day to set security agencies at work to ensure these threats were fruitless.

With little or no attention paid on Barr. Iwasam’s allegations, Cross River Daily today gathered that some of the witnesses who appeared before the tribunal sitting on Monday, June 17th this week are currently under gun-and-fire.

A native of Ekureku (name: withheld) who spoke to Cross River Daily this morning said after the court sitting on Monday, June 17th, one of the witnesses, Mr. Evans Bassey upon returning to his homestead in Agbara clan met a decree from the traditional rulers, that, himself and all members of his family had lost their heritage as born indigenes of the said village. They were no longer cut-off for any acquaintances in the village and access to market, water streams, etc were retrieved. Accordingly, the entire citizens of the village were barred on relating with Mr. Evans’ family and defaulters shall not go unpunished. Our source futher said on Tuesday, this week, Mr. Evans younger brother went out of the house to buy stuff and thence, youths of the village fell on him, got him beaten and set him up naked.

Our source also told us that another victim, called Iloke Godwin from Ngarabe clan was also declared banished on Wednesday, this week.

Notedly, our source said that earlier today, another witness, Mr. Egbe Agbong entertained youths, women and chiefs of Anon Clan who came to his compound, had him, his mother and father naked and beaten thoroughly. Mr. Agbong and his family were bundled and taken to the boundaries between Ekureku and Itigidi and there, they were dumped.

In what seems like a movement of no retreat, the entire Ekureku chiefs may have stoutly affirmed in their hearts and will to not stop until they get rid of all anti-Egbonna from their community and one may question the role of Alex Egbonna in all of this.

Findings by Cross River Daily has it that the following chiefs are major frontiers of the banish plots: Chief Fidelis Ebei Enya (Anon-Ezeke Clan), Chief Peter Etuki Agbara (Ekureku-Be Clan), Chief Martins Eval Bassey (Akarefor Clan), Chief Gregory Imoke (Anon-Ezeke Village Head), Chief Andrew Ekpoto (Itigeve Village Head), Chief Emmanuel Eleng Ezeke (Agbara Clan), Chief Pius Iyoku Nkanu (Ngarebe Village Chief), Chief Clement Bassey (Ngarabe Village Chief), Chief Donatus Ele (Ngarebe Village Chief) and Chief Enya Igbo (Attakongho Clan).

Cohorts in the plot, our findings revealed are: Asikong Dominic Bassey, Henry Igbo (a.k.a Bebeto), Akpoke Demort Eja, Gowon Bassey Igiri, Sylvester Eborty Egbe, Usman Akada (a police officer), Duke Ido, Linus Agah, Bassey Michael, Igbo Godwin Echeng, Ejang Castro (Fedelix Nkasi Nkata), Eja John, Lazarus Enya Inah, Enyah Joseph (Iroko), David Isobe, Sunday Egbonyi Ekpola, and Imo The Pole.

As at press time, Cross River Daily gathered that the matter has been reported to the State Police Headquarters, Diamond Hill, Calabar and the victims receiving treatment.


  1. If you like report to Donald Trump, you people can’t do anything to Ekureku people. Every community has their own custom and traditions so is Ekureku land, we as a people have right to decision making and I advice you stop writing about Ekureku.

  2. No amount of propaganda will give John Gaul victory at the tribunal Because he lost completely as a loser

  3. That is an demanding bonus throughout compensation win. crossriverdaily.com

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