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Rt. Hon. Essien Ayi Talks Of His Proposed Bakassi Commission

Rt. Hon. Essien Ayi, the member representing Akpabuyo/Bakassi/Calabar South Federal Constituency has hinted on his proposed Bakassi Commission which upon materialization should see-off the unfavorable living conditions subsistent in the new Bakassi Local Government Area of the State.

Ayi, who narrated to newsmen his struggle against the ceding of Bakassi to Cameron believes that the way forward for the Bakassi menace was a commission to enable government put adequate infrastructural facilities in place.

The Rt. Honourable Member recalled how in 2004 when the ceding arrangements began, he moved a motion against it. The motion, though stalled the entire arrangements for a period of two years, the region was however ceded to Cameron in 2006.

Faulting the then president Olusegun Obasanjo, Ayi maintained that the ceding contravened Section 5 of the Nigerian Constitution which dictates that before any part of the country is ceded, it must have the domestication of the National Assembly, which in this case is the opposite as there was no domestication; “That alone was enough to impeach the then President Obasanjo if we were an advanced country,” Ayi noted.

Just after the ceding, Hon. Ayi said he had moved a motion for the speedy resettling of the people, regrettably, he said, 12 years down the road, there still has not been a proper resettlement for the people of Bakassi as they still live in primary schools used as IDP camps.

With about three (3) Resettlement Committees set but yet no productive headway, Rt. Hon. Essien Ayi now believes that the way forward was a Federal Commission for the region in a fashion of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

On how the Bakassi Commission was to come forth, Ayi explained thus:

“That is to be done through the Bill titled ‘Bakassi Development and Re-Integration Commission’. This Bill was to enable government provide infrastructural facilities.

“That is, in Education, government would provide N3b to put the schools in order in Bakassi, N3b for building of houses, N3b for health, (Building of health institutions), N3b for roads etc and by the time we put in N15b in a year for a period of 10 years, we will have a complete new Bakassi.

“That is where we are now, the bill has gone for second reading, but was not read yet because of the break, immediately we are back from break it would be read, the Bill is called Bakassi Development and re-integration Commission”.

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