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READ: Innovation Meets Education: Cross River Institute Of Technology And Management (CR-ITM) In View

By Okorn Tabi Okorn:

In today’s economy, several notable strides have been made in the evolution of the educational sector. New approaches, involving the application of innovation and technology have facilitated the development of more effective methods in delivering quality education.

One of such, is Cross River Institute Of Technology and Management (CR-ITM), Ugep. Situated strategically along Ikom-Calabar Highway, this 21st Century educational facility is a prototype of Highbury College in the United Kingdom. At inception, administrators from Highbury College managed and implemented the Institution’s blueprint from 2014 to 2016. This synergy of Nigerian education with the British learning style has birthed a contemporary Nigerian Polytechnic which has already began yielding its calculated benefits, in a clime where applicants had to go through the rigours and delays of jostling for limited admission places in the available institutions of higher education, CR-ITM, Ugep has bridged the gap by offering school-leavers more options to further their educational dreams.

The infusion of technology based courses and modules into the curriculum is keeping in line with the dynamics of the global labour arena. Students and staff benefit from recent cutting edge technological approaches, calculated to solve problems in real-life. There is no gain-saying the fact that the top economies of the future will thrive on technology and innovation.

The seamless transition of the institution to this new, innovative model is championed by this holy Trinity, the vibrant and energetic Jeff Thompson, Thompson is British born engineer with over twenty years experience managing and administering schools in the United Kingdom, along side Oshin Anthony who spent 28 years with the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Oshin is a discipline beaurucrat with unquestionable pedigree. Finally Ugboko Lucky a British trained accountant with vast experience in the oil banking and public sector finance and accounting..This crop of seasoned personnel represents the vision and confidence of the present administration of the digital Governor, Sen. (Prof.) Ben Ayade in this noble project. The Staff of the Institute are well-trained, motivated by the will to position the Institute among the world’s finest polytechnics. Although most of her facilities are at near completion stage, especially the “Signature Building”, the school still stands out, in terms of physical infrastructures. The state-of-the-art facilities and crop of seasoned staff make the institute a delight for students. Her location in the Central Senatorial District makes the institution accessible to all senatorial districts and neighboring states in the South-East and South-South zones of the country. With beautiful landscaping, lush green environment, this is as conductive as learning gets.

If Cross River’s enviable status as one of the continent’s preferred tourism destinations is anything to go by, viable seeds have been sown for the development of a reliable pool of human capital and technological development. When education meets innovation, the future is assured….

Okorn is the public Relations officer CR-ITM

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