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“Re: I Won’t Succumb To Intimidation Over My Court Of Appeal Action” – Phil Writes Egbona

‘Right of Reply’

I read with despicable angst, the above captioned interview granted by Hon Alex Egbona, which was published in the nation online edition of September 14, 2019; and in other news media.

While the interview was a desperate attempt to cast aspersions, malign and discredit the Elections Petitions Panel in Cross River State for dispensing justice in the case between Alex Egbona vs John Gaul, it also bore substantially, a ridiculous attempt to smear a ‘former boss’, whose name Alex Egbona unconscionably refused to mention.

First and foremost, the tribunal did not rob Alex Egbona of any victory as claimed in the interview but only restored the mandate that he stole from the people of Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency on the 23rd of February, 2019.

Alex Egbona’s desperate and illfated attempt to drag his ‘former boss’ into his misadventures is ignoble and despicable. It is also a deliberate attempt to disrepute the image and person of his ‘former boss’ whose breast he suckled from (political) infancy to adulthood”.

Who is Alex Egbona without his ‘former boss?’

Let me state categorically that Alex Egbona’s ‘former boss’ has no hand in his self-inflicted predicament.

Alex in the interview claimed his ‘former boss’ came to his village to campaign against him. Did he expect his former boss, whom he affirmed in the ill-advised interview to be a member of the PDP, to work against the candidate or interest of his party? What an infantile reasoning!

Alex Egbona said in the interview and I quote:

“…My former boss came to my village on the eve of the election and told my people not to vote for me. A town crier was engaged to announce that the APC should not be voted for in the election…

“…I have been very loyal to my former boss, but he is not comfortable that I am climbing the ladder. He wants to pull it down. I still see him as my leader. I do not understand why he feels this threatened by my rising profile in the political space. In other climes, political fathers encourage their children. See what our APC leader, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, is doing in the South West. Look at all his political children and how he is helping them to grow. That is a man that knows that the rise of his children means his own rise too. But in our own case, it is not like that. I only hope and pray that God will touch him to know that he needs to encourage and not destroy his children.

“…We come from the same local government. My village is not far from his. I would have thought that as my former boss, he would be very excited that his son is going into the National Assembly. But he was proud to come to my village to campaign that my people should not vote for me. And when I won, he was proud to say that I would lose at the tribunal. God is still on the throne. Let us see between him and God, who has the final say. One thing I have told myself is that he remains my boss and I will never insult him. I remain loyal to him and I will forever give him all his due respect as my boss. Anyone who knows him should please tell him that he remains my boss and leader. But he is not God and he should not equate himself with God…”

From the above posturing, it is clear that Alex Egbona lost his sense of political history but let me remind him that until his ‘former boss’ picked him from the dungeon, his only political reckoning was ‘former councilor’.

His ‘former boss’ gave him the political identity he boasts of and made him everything else. He lifted Alex Egbona from misery to affluence.

But how did Alex Egbona show gratitude to his ‘former boss’? By being resentful, disobedient, disloyal and rebellious.

To claim that his ‘former boss’ is threatened by his rising profile in the political space, is calumnious, contemptuous and insulting contrary to the posture that he will never insult his ‘former boss’. Who is Alex Egbona in comparison to his ‘former boss’ that he (former boss) should feel threatened?

What profile; which political space? Who gave Alex the profile and who gave him the political space to achieve whatever profile? His ‘former boss’. Yet Alex Egbona thinks that demonizing him for his (Alex) misfortune to attract sympathy is a strategy. But he failed woefully, because, not up to a handful of people in Cross River and beyond, do not know his political history with his ‘former boss’.

Alex Egbona, in the interview also mentioned Tinubu as a godfather and how he helps his political children to grow. Let me treat his crass ignorance by informing him that former governor Akinwumi Ambode didn’t get the opportunity to be re-elected for a second term because of his insubordination and disloyalty to his political godfather. Who was Ambode’s godfather? Alex Egbona’s sanctimonious Ahmed Bola Tinubu. The same Tinubu, against the expectations of many, went ahead to stop Ambode’s bid to become a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Alex should be reminded that his ‘former boss’ has numerous political children who hold him in high esteem and are full of gratitude for his fatherly role in their lives. They cannot afford to demean his personality. Alex is only a prodigal son whining his misfortunes.

Finally, Alex Egbona also in the interview disparaged his ‘former boss’by saying “he should not equate himself with God”.

“Alex Egbona, your ‘former boss’ is not God and can never equate himself to God. He is only an instrument in the hands of God. The same instrument God used to uplift you”.

Let me remind Alex Egbona that God rules in the affairs of men. And that he has sinned against God and man.

” Your ordeal today is called karma. It is self-inflicted. Your ‘former boss’ is not responsible for your political misfortunes. So stop crying wolf where there is none. Face your karma alone and while at it, please read the book of Romans 1: 18 & 22.

Pat Phil writes from Abuja.

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