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Post-Election Issues: John Gaul And Agba Jalingo Trade Words Over Defeat

Speaker of the 8th Cross River State Assembly and candidate for Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon. John Gaul has responded to the sentiments of Cross River Watch publisher, Agba Jalingo who in his opinion, the House of Representatives candidate is a “lost opportunity” following the announcement of his (Speaker) defeat by Alex Egbonna.

In a response from the Speaker’s Chief Press Secretary, Azogor Ideba, it was better for Agba to “dance in his mud alone” instead of “shamelessly attack the office and person of Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo”.

Agba alleged that his Cross River Watch had “reported more than 30 courtesy visits from different groups and associations to John Gaul, within two months after he took office as Speaker of the Cross River state House of Assembly.

“Most of these visits were from sundry groups and professional organizations that were reaching out to contribute to the development of our state”.

However, Agba said “young, very intelligent and witty, John Gaul made innumerable promises to all these visiting groups. The more they came, the more he promised. He knew he was lying to them, and one thing was also missing, he had no intention of keeping his word”.

Agba again alleged that “the House of Assembly under John Gaul, apart from rail-roading bills, has refused to approximate the expectations of most of Cross River people, as an independent arm of government.

“Things like state budget that are public documents that were hitherto easily available, have remained shrouded in secrecy in the past fours years of John Gaul’s speakership, yet we have him on record promising in more than ten public fora that he will put the state budgets online. He started uploading the one for 2017 and abandoned it after only 3 pages were uploaded”.

Responding to this, Hon. John said “it is not the responsibility of the Assembly to publish the state’s budget but the Executive through the Budget Office or Ministry of Finance. So your lies can only feed the ignorant and gullible public”.

Furthermore, Jalingo alleged that “as young as he (John) is, his House of Assembly had no functional website or up-to-date social media presence other than some domant Facebook pages that are rarely updated.

“In fact, John Gaul said he is not interested in social media popularity because it does not win elections”.

On the Speaker’s aide’s voice; “almost every one on the cyber space knows that John Gaul both in private and official capacities has functional and very active social media accounts. His presence on the social media is very visible and obviously unarguable”.

Jalingo did not stop there in his sentiment but went on to say that “I don’t know how to pretend. This is an unsual feeling and I must confesss that I am very happy that John Gaul lost.

“As a friend, John Gaul takes delight in deceiving people. I remember the day he graced my program on radio and I told him openly that the way he is “scoping” people is not good. He answered: ”Dey there na. I must scope my way out of trouble o.” Whatever that means.

“John Gaul lies without any qualms. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, rich of poor, whether you mean business or you are just wasting his time, he will still scope you.

“He suddenly became elitist and aloof but he says he is a solution architect. And if you ask me, I will also add that he is a lost opportunity for young politicians and young leaders. He dashed all the dreams, hopes and projects that most young people banked on him to help them achieve through his high office.

“Now he is gone….the solution architect!”

These words of Agba Jalingo were not taken lightly by the Speaker’s media aide who described them as “uncultured and malicious” while wondering why Jalingo “could descend so low with such indecent and irresponsible self-serving diatribe bearing no valid point but clearly a vendetta (a personal attack) on John Gaul Lebo”.

Ideba, dishing out his own sauce to Jalingo said: “This the fourth time you are writing a similar article with the intent to malign and discredit the person and office of John Gaul. You were previously ignored. Ignoring your ignobility was deliberate because John Gaul, knowing your antecedents, couldn’t reduce himself to your level.

“It is a common knowledge in government circle that you go about begging top public officials money and anyone who doesn’t give you automatically becomes your enemy.

“Agba Jalingo, please tell the public that you have not severally visited John Gaul to beg for money and he refused to give to you.

“Like every other person, you had unrestricted access to John Gaul but your insatiable greed ruined your relationship with him because he refused to give nods to your indiscrimate and outrageous proposals.

“Your paupering became unbearable and John Gaul had to adjust. Apparently, each time John Gaul didn’t succumb to your demand, you resorted to malice, blackmail and character assassination either through false reportage or article as damning as your last. This has become your ‘stock in trade’.

“You have been busy occupying illegal public space hoping to make profit by begging from people in public office.

“From begging for flight tickets, to money for drugs, hotel accommodation and even feeding. Agba Jalingo, you are a disgusting ingrate worse than the common beggar on the street seeking for alms.

“It may interest you to know that John Gaul won elections in 16 out of 23 council wards of Abi and Yakkur Federal Constituency with a good lead.

“Agba Jalingo, John Gaul Lebo is not a lost opportunity but an opportunity just at the foot of history and by God’s Grace, he is just beginning.
You are not God and cannot predict his end. His quality and value system has endeared him to many, and his future is just beginning.

“Finally, you cannot be John Gaul just as John Gaul can never be you. So, dance in your mud alone and stop generalizing your personal misadventure with John Gaul Lebo”.

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