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Comr. Castro Ezema, YPP State Chairman.

INTERVIEW: Youths Party, YPP Ready For 2019, Says State Chairman

The State Chairman of the Young Progressive Party, YPP has affirmed his party’s readiness to present a fight to the already established parties in the state come 2019. As he host newsmen from CrossRiverDaily today, May 1st at the party Secretariat, the following discuss protruded…

As a party, how ready are you for next year?

Young Progressive Party, in a couple of months ahead will be a year old since it was registered and recognized by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). We came onboard and swung into action. We have our structures from council wards, up to the state level and we are doing our best to ensure that between now and the time of the general elections, we must have had our congresses and the legitimacy to stand in for the elections. By the grace of God, we have aspirants from governorship down to House of Assembly and so, you see, this party is fully ready for next year.

Assurance for young Cross Riverians?

The youths today have a platform where they can indicate interest and vie for any elective position of their choice. The problem over the past has been that good vibrant youths have just stayed behind and so, one of the things we have done is to sensitize Cross Riverians on the need to pursue their ambition beyond limits and also, have mobilized them to take part in the continous voters’ registration exercise so that on the d-day, they can come out unmass and vote for the candidates of their choice.

Currently, what’s the party’s activity ahead of 2019?

At the moment, we are on Local/Wards Government tour. We are visiting all our local government chapters to reiterate our readiness for next year. We just came back from Biase and next on our itinerary is Obubra. Of late, some of these local governments have been involved either in one tribal conflict or something else. So, to such, we are bringing to them the message of peace. Recently farm produce are seldom available because people are scared of going to farm for fear of not falling victims of this inter-communal disputes.

Party’s attention on the prevailing social vices in the state capital?

It is shocking to hear that secret cults have entered our secondary schools. So, we have been on a movement to sensitize the youths on the need to shun these vices in totality. We have been sending flyers with this message to schools across the state. We have also been privileged to do some talk shows on TV and radios; Fad FM has been very generous on this.

Would there be primaries or just a family something?

Yes! By virtue of the provisions of our constitution, there shall be primaries; and ours is option A-4 (where delegates queue behind their aspirants of choice). To also add to that, INEC recognises primaries and nothing else so, we can not do otherwise. I party does not subscribe to ‘politics of selection’. We will all come out and vote for our aspirants of choice at this level.

Fixed date for the primaries?

Not yet. Soon, there shall be a National Executive Meeting (NEC) in Abuja where that shalll be decided.

Party’s hope of victory over these already established “big” parties?

The forthcoming elections is going to be a thing of the masses voting for their candidates of choice across party lines. We have already instructed our aspirants to go and sell themselves to the masses. It is obvious that in Cross River State, there has been no free and fair elections in the past, but come 2019, I can assure you that there is going to be a credible election in this state because everybody is on alert and as such, our votes this time, will count. Thus, we are not looking at the mighty but individual self and above all, power comes from God and it is our believe that God has ordained our members for success based on how far we have worked and how much work we still intend to put in.

Dreams of the YPP at election end?

To be sincere, we do not intend to sweep all the political seats in the state. Take the State House of Assembly for example, our hope is that all the political parties be represented there for purpose of competitiveness. We are seriously against a one-party system whatever.

Funds to support your candidates?

As you can see, this party was the first of all the newly registered parties to own a Secretariat as big and beautiful as this one; about 4 bedrooms and 2 parlours professionally constructed. How did we achieve that? Members came together, had contributions and you can see the outcome. Even, looking at the Barrack Obama’s elections, you see that ordinary citizens contributed their quota not minding how small. We shall make such contributions as a party to support whosoever flies our party’s flag; our constitution allows that.

Your final note?

Young Cross Riverians should shy away from this ‘I don’t have money’ syndrome. And also, let us learn to live in peace. In history, we have been known as the most peaceful and serene state in the country. Though the times are hard, YPP is here for Cross River State; if elected come 2019, we will take the state to its destination.

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