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HRH Emmanuel Obeten, CENSSA-WW Chief.

INTERVIEW: Central Senatorial District Students Bare Their Mind On 2019 And Who They Are Queuing Behind

The role of Nigerian students in general elections can never be undermined, hence, the need to “ear” their position on the forthcoming 2019 exercise as well as their expectations. Cross River Daily feels the best time to have them register their stands was now as the polity was yet to be heated. In light of this, CR-Daily team hooked-up with overseer/chief of the Central Senatorial Students Assembly, Chief Obeten Enang to discuss the association in-view of the general elections and the following pan out…


May we meet you.

My name is HRH Obeten Enang Emmanuel. A student of Radiography Department, University of Calabar; a native of Asiga community in Yakurr Local Government Area and currently the CENSSA-WW Chief.

What is CENSSA?

CENSSA is an acronym that stands for Central Senatorial Students Assembly Of Cross River State Worldwide (CENSA-WW). It is the apex students’ body that supersedes all other union activities in Central. It comprises of students from the sixty six (66) council wards and eight hundred and fifty (850) polling units in Central Senatorial district of Cross River State, Worldwide. The association is functioning as an academic body aimed at creating awareness on the need to follow the right path academically and socially, with the view of creating a new political consciousness on the path of our people. I will like to emphasize that CENSSA is a nonpartisan students association with interest in the welfare of students of the Cross River Central Senatorial district. CENSSA is the vanguard (Union Super Market) students body in Cross River State.

What is CENSSA’s position on the coming elections?

The association is without any particular interest in the coming election. However, the association and government are not mutually exclusive. Government does not exist in a vacuum. We ought to be interested in who governs us and should show that as much as we can. Meanwhile, CENSSA would not be in support of thuggery, violence nor any other malpractice in the quest for political ascension.

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Who therefore is CENSSA queuing behind?

Nobody! I repeat, nobody. CENSSA would trace antecedents to clue up on the aspirants and take a position in due course. The organization has patrons and matrons and have been existing on the sheer benevolence of well-meaning and supportive Central Fathers.

On the Old Ikom/Obubra debate, what’s CENSSA’s take?

For CENSSA, we respect these two blocks and the interest they present. In our internal election, we zone the leadership between the two divides and follow it up to the later. However, other factors play in the mainstream politics, e.g National and State appointments, governorship seat, etc. CENSSA is absolutely indifferent on the debate. What we want is the best.

What’s CENSSA’s major fear in the coming elections?

Our greatest fear is political desperation and by extension, hijacking the elections and disallowing the vote of the masses to count. We just pray things would not go that way.

What does CENSSA need from the next Senator of the district?

CENSSA needs education support for her student and members in Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions. Facilitating a bursary is the greatest wish of CENSSA; opportunities to students in entrepreneurship; a vehicle for the Union for Mobility, vocation, et al would be an add-on to the expectation.

 What is the most unique thing you can say about CENSSA?

Like I mentioned above. CENSSA is an assemblage and not just an association. We assemble, make decisions that do not only better our academics, but our senatorial district at large.

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