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Integrity Group Gives 12 Reasons Ndoma Egba Should Return To The Senate

tA political support group, Integrity Group has given twelve, 12 reasons why former Senate Leader, Senator Victor Ndoma Egba should be supported on his 2019 Senate ambition.

According to the group, one of the foremost reason is that it will correct the injustice visited on him in the 2015 elections and the harm brought upon Cross River State by that denial.

Also, He will be a 4th term Senator and having been a Senate Leader brighten the chances of Cross River State having a Senate President.

Thirdly, As Senator he impacted positively on people and communities and less on welfare handouts that never change anything.

The group further said that he is an embodiment of stability, always in total control of himself.

“His performance as Senate Leader was exceptional.

“His chairmanship of NDDC brought so much dividends to Cross River State.

“He is a bridge builder of exceptional quality.

“He is the most trusted Cross Riverian by Mr President and the Presidency. Remember the display of the photograph of Mr President and him that was taken in the 80’s soon after the President’s victory by the Presidents’ Campaign Organisation?

“He is a perfect gentleman who is never desperate for power.

“Nigeria’s Senate needs his wealth of experience and personal attributes.

“He is an embodiment of peace”.

Finally, the group said that Ndoma Egba is exceptionally brilliant.

As a piece of advice, the group stated that a Senate President was worth more than five governors, begging that Central Senatorial District should choose wisely and not afford to give out all and have nothing at last.

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