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Iwara Inah picks nomination form yesterday at APC State Secretariat

Hon Iwara Inah Picks Nomination Form, Salutes Direct Primaries

Former Usumutong lawmaker, Hon. Iwara Inah has, today, picked his nomination form as further commitment to his pursuit to represent Abi State Constituency at the Cross River State House of Assembly.

In an exclusive chat with Cross River Daily, briefly after cashing the form, Hon. Iwara expressed satisfaction at the way the All Progressive Congress party has been conducting its affairs since the build-up to 2019 while registering his contentment at the party’s chosen mode of conducting its forthcoming primary election in the state and national.

“The leadership of the party has adopted direct primaries and to me, it is the best because it will give every partyman a slot in the offering of its flag to aspirants,” Iwara said.

On whether the said mode can let him hand the ticket, Iwara assured: “With this all inclusive mode of primaries only politicians who have thoroughly worked would stand a chance of winning. And you know perfectly how far I have worked. So, I am confident the mode favours me”.

Concerning the constituents he seeks to represent, Hon. Iwara reiterated his stout desire to better their standard of living; this, according to him can only be achieved when the government gets more closer to them – affirming that he is poised to bringing the dividends of governance to his people upon given the mandate.

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