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FACT-CHECK: How Alex Egbonna Stole Abi/Yakurr Mandate, The Tribunal’s Verdict

Cross River Daily news media independently observed the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency election extremely between the People’s Democratic Party candidate, Rt. Hon. John Gaul and the candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Mr. Alex Egbonna (though, Barr. Eworo is still laying claim to the ticket). The election which was conducted on 23rd February witnessed a lot of violence despite peaceful campaigns by both major parties in preparation to election day and this piece conveys Cross River Daily’s report on the election and futher predicts the verdict of the election tribunal which is currently at work on the matter.

Council wards:

The election held in all the 13 council wards of Yakurr LGA and the 10 council wards of Abi LGA, bringing the total number of council wards to 23. In Yakurr, PDP won in 9 council wards, namely: Mkpani, Assiga, Inyima, Afrekpe, Ntan, Ikpakapit, Biko-Biko, Ijom, and Idomi. Whereas, APC won in the remaining 4 council wards, namely: Ijiman, Ajere, Nkpolo, and Abanamkpai. Also, in Abi, PDP won 6 of the 10 council wards, namely: Itigidi, Adadama, Ebom, Afafanyi, Ediba, Imabana II. On the other hand, APC won in the remaining 4 wards, namely: Ekureku I, Ekureku II, Imabana I, and Usumutong.

The outcome of the exercise at council wards level shows that PDP won in 15 out of the 23 council wards in the constituency and APC won in only 8 wards.

The Results:

According to the returning officer of the election, Prof. Eke Opara who declared the APC candidate as winner of the election in Abi LGA (though lost at wards level), failed to make a declaration of the winner for Yakurr LGA. However, two days after the day of election, Monday, February 25th, INEC released a result sheet with exact figures of 29,432 for the APC candidate and 26,970 for the PDP candidate. Hence, with a margin of 2,462, INEC declared the APC candidate as winner of the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency election exercise.

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The Misunderstanding:

Candidate of the PDP, Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo has approached the tribunal to the effect that the total number of accredited voters for Ekureku Ward I&II was 3890, but surprisedly the total number of votes cast in the both ward came out to the figure of 11,300 majorly for the APC candidate, and John Gaul is questioning the wherefrom of the 7410 votes difference.

The Tribunal’s Verdict:

Meanwhile, the election tribunal committee is yet to deliver a verdict on the matter before it, however, its verdict can not be far from Cross River Daily’s prediction. Two options are before the committee; either to nullify the election exercise in Ekureku I&II since the results there contradict the total number of qualified voters, or, share the 3890 accredited votes between the APC and PDP candidates.

Whatever be the decision of the committee, Cross River Daily is predicting that the election tribunal will restore the mandate of Abi/Yakurr to Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo of the PDP instead of the stolen mandate Alex Egbonna currently holds.


  1. A good information you’ve put here for the public, though Usumutong was also won by PDP (Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo) implying 16 council wards for PDP and 7 council wards for APC. Be that as it may, we only pray that God vindicates PDP in the face of APC godless approach to undermining the true nature of the process to a democratic state.

  2. I wish to expressly correct the writer of this post that the the winner of the just concluded abi/yakurr fed house election as decleared by inec, is not properly addressed and should be addressed with all his merited titles such as; Hon chief Dr Alex Egbona and not as common as he cheaply addressed him as Mr while recognising his opponents by their titles. At least respect should be accorded to whom it is due.

    • That is to tell you that mischievous people won’t stop at nothing until the fulfil not but their failed Enterprises.This is an attempt in futility.dead on arrival.

    • In as much I won’t support the idea of not addressing his opponent properly, but what I am interested is, how did 3,890 skyrocket to 11200?

    • What did you expect from a paid write up. Failed journalism.

    • In d just concluded guber election in cross river, Abi local government, precisely ekureku 1and11 could not still give us fat bulk (11300)numbers of vote for d APC guber candidate, the question here is why or where d computed manipulators arrested.

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