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Hon. Dodeye Arikpo in Etung.

Etung Must Develop Beyond Master-Servant Conditions, Dodeye Arikpo Tells Etung PDP

Hon. Dodeye Arikpo, one of the senate aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party for Central Cross River State has told members of Etung Local Government chapter of the party that what they deserve from their political elites was something more than the Master-to-Servant conditions they currently enjoy.

The senate aspirant said this today when his consultative team paid a visit on the party chapter leadership in Effraya, Etung, to intimate them of his ambition and solicit their advice as he prepares for the party’s primaries.

According to Dodeye, for reasons that some selected Etung sons are fortunate enough to have money more than others, they resolve to setting unfavorable standards of relating with the common even with those who enabled them achieve this wealth while noting that “the general Etung people deserve a better relationship with their elites”.

With all members of the Chapter and Ward EXCOs present, the senate aspirant seized the forum to propose a partnership relationship with the party leadership, which according to him, would set Etung in the very best place they deserve.

Playing down the “monies” which according to him some of the said elites boast of having, Hon. Dodeye informed that “a man with money but no well-placed people in the society was poorer than a man who does not have money but can boast of people”, opining that he is currently enjoying the support of a majority of well-placed people in the district which in his words makes him wealthier than all his rivals.

Disabusing the hearts of partymen against what he considers as a mere propaganda, Hon. Dodeye affirmed his total position to contest for senate come the party’s primaries; stating that there was no money or favour anyone could offer him to have him step down or bow out of the race even as he also pointed to the “caricature” made by some people about how inexperience he is to represent the district at the National Assembly;

“Nobody was born with experience. They all acquired it. Having worked as a close marker to former Governor Liyel Imoke for a period of thirteen years, it was enough to have known virtually a greater deal of what anyone in my quest ought to know,” he said.

Proposing a partnership relationship with the people of Etung, Dodeye Arikpo posited that sometimes in life, a friend and partner could do for you what even a brother was unable to do; hence the reason for his partnership idea. He proposed to the people to come partner him build a more prosperous Etung and Cross River Central at large; howthat, all the Etung sons vying for the same position are good hands for the job but however, he was a better hand.

Not forgetting the security challenges of the locality, the senate aspirant who is also a security consultant said that despite the common history the people of Central Cross River share, it is bemoaning to see the district in continuous tribal wars – assuring them that upon his inauguration as a Senator, those security challenges would be bye-gone.

Reiterating the team’s message, Hon. Prince Elemi Alaga, a former councilor in Abi and currently the Director General of Friends of Dodeye Arikpo, a foremost support group for the actualization of Dodeye’s interest said that often times, the youths misplace certain ingredients of politics for dash-away moneies thereby giving room for deceit which in-turn breeds a master-servant relationship in the society. According to Prince Alaga, it is deplorable for Etung to be well known for cocoa production but lack a cocoa processing outfit; assuring them that if they partner Dodeye Arikpo in this project, Etung would have had its priorities aright.

First in reaction to the visiting team was the Etung PDP Chairman, Mr. Kingsley Duke who was represented by the Chapter Secretary, Elder Jerry Ndifon positing that Etung has resolved to fare their tent only with whoever they are convinced could make life better for them irrespective of where the person was coming from; thereafter asking Dodeye Arikpo whether he was that person that could better their living condition – a question, the aspirant answered affirmatively.

Etung PDP Secretary, Eld. Jerry Ndifon on eulogizing Dodeye Arikpo on behalf of the party chapter EXCO.

Mr. Mike Okpa, the Chairman of all Etung ward chairmen, alias Chair-of-Chair in his reaction to the visiting team applauded the team’s gesture to first seeing the party leadership aforetime and assuring Dodeye Arikpo of support as he informed that the message of partnership which he brought has been understood and received while urging him not to turn their backs on them upon success at polls.

Etung PDP Women Wing singing in rejoice to Dodeye Arikpo.

All ward chairmen posing with Dodeye Arikpo.

To mark the acceptance of the proposal to partner Dodeye Arikpo, the chapter chairman and all the ward EXCOs received Dodeye Arikpo’s campaign caps and wore them in rejoice even as the women sang hymns of victory to his edification.

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