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Cross Riverians Attack Ayade Over Plans To Convert Tinapa To A First Class University

As part of the plans to mark his third year anniversary as governor of Cross River State, Sen. Ben Ayade has taken to one of the national television channels, TVC to announce his plans of converting the $450 million Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort to a tertiary institution in the coming months for reasons being that the enterprise has failed to be a viable business venture because “the first thing in tourism is local purchase power” which according to him, the business lacks.

With Tinapa the only bragging-right of Cross River State, especially on a national scale accompanied by the cold death of the Obudu Cattle Ranch likewise the skeletal status the Carnival Calabar has now taken, Cross Riverians are ready to lock horns with the state governor should he proceed with his conversion plans.

One of such Cross Riverians is a blogger and famous critic of the governor, Efio-Ita Nyok who on his Facebook post questioned the governor’s motive(s) for such a plan. Nyok wonders how the governor was going to do well redeeming the tourism enterprise having failed during his early years in office as Commissioner of Tourism. “…because as Commissioner for Tourism for two years, he failed — I don’t understand how/why a ‘failure’ should make proposals to salvage a situation; it’s contradictory,” he opined.

One of the commentators, Sebastine Ekpenyong has this to say: “This is where Ayade’s nakedness of being clueless will show very well. Please let us say ‘NO’ to it and then plan on the next move to stop him because this is more worse than changing destination cross river logo.”

Otu Otu Ita wrote: “This whole University thing indicates the Governor may not have a grasp of governance. The assertion of a University in the offing at Tinapa simply shows the Government does not understand the MOU it signed with AMCON. Again, maybe, it’s the usual whimsical disposition at work.”

Richard Duke: “Why not site the University in Ogoja or Obudu? Unless, he’s got an ulterior land grabbing intention. Just locate a University in the Northern part of the state and spread infrastructural development and opportunities over there!”

Samuel Major: “This is the only governor in the whole of West Africa that lacks the intellectual capacity to run a state. His dreams are too annoying; super high way nothing, deep seaport nothing, spaghetti flyover nothing, TTC/TTI nothing, just name it…thank God I have my PVC to remove this dreamer from government house.”

Omobidu Saviour: “I advice Ayade to leave Tinapa Resort; Cross River University of Technology can be made a first class institution, or he can turn Okuku Campus to first class institution.”

Asi Oqua: “Let him go and renovate Cross River State library; that place is an eye sour.”

Harmony Odwong: “When you can’t even pay CRUTECH staff their benefits, you want to bring another one.”

Olom Egana: “I disagree with him turning Tinapa to a school or hospital, Tinapa can still achieve its purpose with the right legal and regulatory framework that will sort out all the hitches and gray areas with the Nigerian customs, providing critical support infrastructures that will aid operations there like dredging of the Calabar Channel that leads to Tinapa so bigger vessels can Bert directly total rehabilitation and expansion of all roads in and out of Calabar, provide adequate security for tourists and businesses. This goes to show Ayade lack understanding of what tourism means.”

Ceejay Ojong: “He should die the idea completely. If he wants a first class university there are a lot of land across the length and breadth of CRS to easily satisfy that purpose with its unique designs to boot. The Tinapa complex can be used for many purposes including quarterly international trade fair events, car shows, Africa IT hub in like fashion as Silicon valley, ultra-modern international medical Research and treatment centre to boost medical tourism and so on. There is so much that can be done to drive the traffic flow there, generate huge transactions and benefit the local economy without just turning it to university that will only generate perennial incomes, pay low salaries and not be able to attract the very best from within and outside country.”

Sampson Egba: “That digital man is confused.”

Samuel Ekanem: “Honestly am going to just faint and die. What is all this now? CRUTECH crying, state library dead, state secondary schools dilapidated and you are bringing this baldderdash again! Honestly this is getting out of hand.”

Effiom Attoe: “He should also convert the Ranch Resort to a world class hospital and Marina Resort to a world class library and Museum to a world class police station.”

Comments on this topic, Cross River Daily can rightly say are endless as each after the other continue making a caricature of the governor’s conversion idea.


  1. ayade shul nt be voted 4 2nd term in office bcos he may end up saying even cultural centre he may chang 2 refuse ground

    • That’s funny. Lol…meanwhile, turning Tinapa to a school when numerous schools in this state aren’t faring well is very idiomatic.

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