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Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo

Commentary: The Technological Age And Its Bottleneck By Hon. John Gaul

In 1980, the world came to the end of what was called the most successful revolution in the world – the industrial revolution. The Berlin wall came down. And, in 1982 UNESCO working under the U.N resolution 164 decided to introduce a new educational policy that will drive the future of the next revolution – the technology revolution.

The technology revolution brought a new school system called the 6334 system of education. The 6334 system of education introduced wholly one important subject called introduction to technology. It was meant to serve as an intellectual transition platform to move us from an analog to a digital world.

Technology is transient and consistent. With technology, there is a timeline on prosperity. If you do not prosper under Windows 8, it is your business – Windows 9 will still come. Bill Gate will not say because some persons are yet to understand Windows 8, let us not launch Windows 9.

Today many people are suffering from the consequence of this revolution. The consequence is that this generation of young people are unable to cling into this new learning system, we are still producing graduates fit only for the industrial revolution not this technological revolution.

Anytime there is a revolution transition, there is always a last percentage of people who never make it to that transition.

Currently, the school system in Nigeria is still training people for industrial revolution, so, when do the people there enter the technological revolution? Some people graduated from Chemistry without understanding certain chemical equations; some had 2.1 in Computer Science without ever seeing a Mac Netbook and so, we have grown up in such a way that we have created an environment of educated people being people who are not savvy in skills.

The bad luck of people who did not make it to the technological age have today become the blind side of the society. They are the ones leading the world in reversed engineering. They are just where they are and can never grow. The only opportunity they want in life is to become leaders and be elected into public office. They want to run for an office because the only employment available is to run for a public office.

Now, the technological age seeks to prepare people who are not just educated but posses a mental capacity and digital awareness so much so that Bill Gate can announce a vacancy for Chief Innovation Officer and a person living in Okuku with that capacity can apply and get the job same way as someone who resides in India can also apply – it is a flat world.

This is the beauty of this age – equal opportunities for all and only personal capacity and digital awareness can guarantee one’s success.

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