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Rt. Hon. Itam Abang

Boki Cult-Clash: Hon Itam Abang Calls For Stiffer Fight Against Cultism

The murder in cold blood of 4 persons in Okundi, Boki LGA recently suspected to be a resurgence of the once abated cult war between groups in Osokom axis has broken the spin of peace for all concerned citizens in the LGA.

Lending her voice to condemn this barbarity while calling for peace, Rt. Hon. Dr Itam Abang adjures the political elites of Boki to step out of their nooks of indifference and join hands to combat the menace of cultism and blood spilling in Boki land.

The Rt. Hon. who is representing Boki 1 in the Cross River State House of Assembly exuded her emotions of sadness and pains against the spat of cultism and communal crises in recent times that has infested the land of Boki with pools of blood. She lamented the loss of blood ties that bonded the social integration and family considerations of Boki people as well as the broken regard for the sanctity of life of a kin. She regretted the sudden pleasure brothers find to hack off the life of another in cold blood today which abomination she believes is earnestly grieving the living and the dead.

She calls for a concerted intentional effort of the political class, Traditional institution, security apparatuses, homes and churches to tackle promptly cultism and communal crises in Boki land, and ensure that any further traces of these evils is dealt with if peace must be restored. She challenged the political will of Boki sons and daughters to employ every tact with sincerity to stamp this whirling inferno from consuming the land.

“Already, the dry reed has been whittled in the tracks of this fire across the length and breadth of Boki. For today, the fire is razing the roofs of Osokom. Tomorrow, it may creep out to Irruan, Boje, Eastern Boki or Abo if it is not put out.

“Peace is only possible when proper and decisive curative, preventive and punitive approaches through a reoriented community dialog spearheaded by the Elites is initiated and prosecuted.

“We must tell ourselves the truth. We must be bold and blunt to bring to book anyone guilty of instigating this evil that is defiling our prized cultural values of peace and brotherly love.

“My heart is heavy for the families of those who where killed. I feel this way as a mother, wife and sister. God only can console them His own way. But we must stop at nothing until justice is served promptly”. She said.

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