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Ayade To Trim Number Of Appointees To 500 – Aide

Information reaching Cross River Daily says the state governor, Sen. Ben Ayade is making plans to trim the number of his appointees to at least five hundred (500) upon success in his re-election bid.

According to one of Ayade’s top aides, whose name Cross River Daily would not mention, the governor has already intimated the Secretary to the State Government to prepare a concise list of all the appointees in view of the weeding exercise.

The aide, in a chat with one of Cross River Daily’s correspondents over the weekend noted that the governor, who has been a piece-of-mockery over his numerous appointees has decided to pay attention to public opinion to resize the list for his second-term administration.

In the position of the aide, the governor used his first-term administration to settle all and sundry who, in one way and/or the other, had a hand in his success at the 2015 polls and thus, reached out to as many as he could with his “food on the table” mantra that employed over four thousand (4000) appointees without job specifications nor work place (office) but pay.

“His Excellency’s second-term administration would strictly be for business. All these people roaming about in the name of appointees would not have such names. His Excellency would treat governance as governance and frivolity as frivolity. I heard the number of appointees would be around five hundred (500) and whoever is receiving a pay must show working for such pay,” the aide said.

The aide assured that Gov. Ayade’s second-term administration will cure a lot of ills this first-term has incurred even as he believes that all the past administrations in the state do not perform at best in their first terms but second.

On which categories of appointees the weeding exercise would affect, Cross River Daily source said that only the governor himself could decide that as even the Commissioners were not excluded.

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