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APC Cross River: Obono Obla Plays Down Northern Agenda, Says No Zoning Formular In APC

Cross River Daily reports that the Special Assistant on Prosecution to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief (Barr) Obono Okoi Obla has dismissed the argument by some members of the All Progressive Congress, APC in Cross River State that the party’s flag bearer for 2019 guber must be one from the Northern District of the state.

Obla who praised all those aspiring to contest for governorship under the party took to Facebook to spell his take on which of the three zones of the state the flag bearer must originate.

He wrote:

“We have seen an army of governorship aspirants within the APC in Cross River State which indeed is a welcome development because it will give members of the party a veritable opportunity to choose from, in the primary election.

“However it is distasteful and disheartening that some of the aspirants have woefully and spectacularly failed to articulate clear cut, blueprints and road maps of what they will do if elected.

“Disappointedly, some of these aspirants have nothing to offer rather than fanning the embers of ethnic dichotomy and sectionalization. Some of the aspirants give the impression of entitlement to the party ticket simply because they feel they are from certain part of the State which they ridiculously argue deserve to produce the governor.

“Happily , APC is a new party that cannot under any guise adopt the zoning formula which PDP used from 1998 to 2015 to produce all it governors that ruled the state this past twenty years.

“Gladly, we have seen governors from all the constituent or component parts of the Cross River State these past twenty years. So, nobody should put forward the bland, insipid and utterly unimpressive argument that because Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke respectively served eight years as governors, then somebody from the Northern Senatorial District of the State must in equal measure serve eight years.

“With due respect, such line of argument is a bunkum and balderdash. When a governor has served a term in office, it is sound and good performance in office that will determine whether or not the electorates will compensate him with a second term. In other words, it is good and quality performance that will entitle an incumbent governor to a second term. It is not sentiments and emotional outbursts of where such a governor comes from.

“In any case, the dynamics of politics and electoral behavior has changed drastically in the State in particular and the country Nigeria. We are seeing emerging trends of counting votes premised on fair, credible and transparent elections. Unlike twenty years ago, when elections were won on platter of gold solely based on horrible manipulations, massive rigging, roguery and all sort of chicanery.

“Presently, it is only credible candidates with solid record running on clear cut manifestos and ideas on how to move the State and country forward that stand a chance of winning. It is not where somebody comes from or which ethnic group he or she belong to that will be the determinant factors,” Obla.

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