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Alex Egbona And The Battle Hymn Of The Tiger’s Son – By Inyang Omini

Alex Egbona’s recent ranting against his “former Oga” Sen Liyel Imoke has gone on for too long in the media without a reply.

Having taken time to read excerpts from the interviews he granted, it reminds me of a great book I read few months ago titled ” The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” written by Amy Chua.

“…The tiger mother is noted to have many sons. When they get into a battle with a non tiger, the mother tiger roars. But when the battle is between sons of the mother tiger, she quietly folds her tail and silently remains neutral, hoping that after the battle, both tigers will revert to the comfort of the mother tiger.

But where one of the tiger’s sons begins to sing a battle hymn against the oga,…Hmmm.

Alex Egbona was an 8 year Chief of Staff to his “former oga”. Towards the end of the administration, while his oga was engaged in a fierce battle of succession in 2015, Alex against his oga’s advice decided to resign and defect to Labour party to contest the house of representatives elections for Abi and Yakkur federal constituency against the then incumbent Hon Bassey Eko Ewa.

Alex eventually lost the election to Ewa and afterwards, filed and lost a petition at the tribunal against Bassey but did not appeal the tribunal’s decision.

In 2019, Alex also contested the same elections, this time, under the APC against another Son of the tiger, Speaker John Gaul Lebo of the PDP.

And while the APC was denied listing of all its candidates by INEC prior to the February 23rd elections, Alex was declared winner. John Gaul headed for the tribunal with evidence of INEC’s delisting of all APC candidates in Cross River State in the said election including Alex Egbona whose name was eventually cancelled from the INEC’s declaration sheet.

Only recently, Alex Egbona lost at the tribunal which held that Alex Egbona alongside other APC candidates in the National Assembly elections in Cross River State were lawfully excluded by INEC on the date of the National Assembly elections.

So, why has one of sons of the tiger chosen the path of singing “a battle hymn against the mother tiger?”

Firstly, Alex knows the capacity of the mother tiger as a quiet yet clinical political strategist. Apparently, the fear of the mother tiger is the beginning of wisdom.

Obviously, Alex’s rant is an attempt to deal with the lethal fear of the mother tiger by drawing public sentiment in the face of a lost case against the PDP.

Despite Alex Egbona’s acclaimed popularity, he won only 8 out of the 23 council wards in Abi and Yakkur federal constituency in the 2019 elections, leaving the PDP candidate victorious with 15 councils wards. It will therefore be very difficult for Alex to draw the mother tiger to the battle by a hymn using an appeal process in disguise.

Secondly, Alex Egbona is desperately running out of political timelines of survival. He is, in fact, scared of drowning even though he is fast becoming a serial political failure.

His party APC at the tribunal through a legal representation, pleaded unlawful exclusion for all of their candidates by INEC in the elections except in the case of Alex Egbona. His party never sent in a representation or presented any evidence in support of Alex Egbona’s self acclaimed candidature at the tribunal.

Alex Egbona, as if chased by the ghost of his sins, avoided the tribunal and virtually absconded on the date set aside for his testimony in court, making it very easy for the tribunal to arrive at it’s verdict and the PDP to get a judgment against him.

I think the current ranting and battle hymn against the mother tiger is misplaced.

Alex Egbona is the architect of his down fall. He started the rebellion against his oga. He ran election against his oga’s counsel in 2015. He lost and went to the tribunal and lost again. He ran again against his oga’s party in 2019 and got a pyrrhic victory which was subsequently reversed at the tribunal .

I think this is not the time to rant or recite the battle hymn. Alex should rather seek help from God. Perhaps, it’s a time for moral epiphany. He should seek recompence in the presence of the Lord otherwise, he is only expanding the wages of his sins of disloyalty by continuing to rant.

My counsel to Alex is that he should ask God for forgiveness because what is happening to him since 2015 is not ordinary. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

My experience has thought me that you can’t fight a man swimming in God’s Grace.

Alex Egbona, this your oga is evidently carrying the Grace of God, at least, you can attest to this fact.

A former Senator at 30 alongside Tinubu, a former Special Adviser to the President of the country, former Minister and two term Governor under whom you served as Chief of Staff. Hmmm, you should read between the lines. Calm down and sincerely seek Godly counsel.

Desperation in this case is not bad, but you should rather be desperate in God’s presence.

Obviously, this your oga doesn’t look like one who enters the arena based on your battle hymn, God fights his battles for him.

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