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Abi/Yakurr 2019: John Gaul Presents 5-Point Agenda, Promises Legislative Governance

The member representing Abi at the Cross River State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo who also doubles as the speaker of the House, has made known his intent to contend the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency seat at the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly even as he presents a 5-bullet manifesto.

During a visit to the Obol Lopon of Ugep and Paramount Ruler of Yakurr Local Government Area, Obol Eteng Ofem yesterday at this palace in Ugep, the Right Honourable Member, while making public his aspiration said one of the basic reasons he is aspiring to serve the constituency at that level was to ensure all institutions and agencies set up by previous administrations in the area were functional, and their services, fully maximized.

John Gaul stated that in the last twenty years, past administrations have done well in setting up structures, noting that at the moment, there are seventy eight (78) primary schools, fourty two (42) secondary schools, two (2) urban development authorities (each in Abi and Yakurr), two higher institutions (ITM Ugep and College of Nursing Science Itigidi), two water boards and twenty three (23) primary health care centres across the Abi/Yakurr, however, he said, the challenge remains that they are not working as much as expected, affirming his resolve to ensuring they work once elected: “I Am not promising to build new institutions when you send me there, but I assure you, the existing ones will work to its peak”.

On his 5-point manifesto christened ‘Legislative Governance’ which he explained to be timely and borne out of proper need assessment, John Gaul said his services as a representative will anchor on Legislative Governance, Constituency Governance, Constituency Development Strategy, Constituency Intervention Initiative and Constituency Conversation/Engagement Strategy.

“A legislator who brags of only making laws, can not really impact the common man on the street, that is why I am bringing governance into legislature,” John Gaul said.

The Paramount Ruler in his remarks noted that the ties that John Gaul and his people of Adadama/Itigidi share with the Ugep people were historic and date far back to 1910. He went on to describing Gaul a native of Ugep, not a stranger.

“You are not a stranger you are an Ugep man, I know you have been tested and have been proven to be qualified for any appointment in Nigeria. Your responsibility as the speaker of the State House has brought great peace between the executive and legislature. I am confident you will do well at the National Assembly.

“We will support you, the Ugep people will support you,” Obol Ofem said.

The council of Ugep chiefs also present assured Mr. Aspirant of their support, while the youths and women who were not left out of the visit took turns to register their support for John Gaul.

The youth leader of Ugep, Mr George Stephen Ewa, in a chat with mediamen said: “I promised my youths that this time around, I am not going to lead them to a wrong candidate, we have studied John and are convinced he is the best man for the job”.

Also, the leader of Ugep women, Ms Eni announced their steadfast support for John Gaul.

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