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Bassey Ewa and Ud Ofem

2019: Constituent Blast Bassey Ewa’s Senate Aspiration, Questions His 20yrs Legislative Experience

Mrs. Ud Ofem, a secondary school teacher and social media commentator from Ekori (Bassey Ewa’s homestead) has whistled Hon. Bassey Ewa’s senate ambition, calling it “a slap on the sensibilities of Yakurr people”.

Mrs. Ofem who took to Facebook to express her dissatisfaction over Hon. Bassey’s aspiration for 2019 said that “considering the number of years as a legislator without effective representation, without impacting on his immediate community and constituency at large”, Ewa does not qualify for any support from even his family members.

Criticizing Bassey Ewa’s recent boast of achivements as published on www.calitown.com, Mrs. Ofem advised Ewa to allow his works speak for him and his constituents to score and give him a pass mark instead of hyping himself, howthat; his representation has no human nor capital development to his credit.

“20yrs running cumulatively as a legislator; 8yrs in the State Assembly and 12yrs in the Federal House of Representatives, still with an eye on the Central Senate seat. Why should one man keep representing a multitude for this number of years? Without as much as having his people’s interest at heart. One that cannot be judged credible enough. One who has given nothing back to the people that keep considering him as “womon” (our own). One whose elections spell bloodshed. One whose conscience is seared. Are not we tired? So no other Yakurr son is fit enough? Is not that a slap on our collective sensibilities?” Mrs. Ud laments.

In what now seems like Ud Ofem disagrees with Ewa in all of his political leverage – the recent being his legislative experience which Ewa has always used to convince electorates, Mrs Ofem in the said Facebook post slammed this experience, describing it as “sidon look”.

“You talk about legislative experience and I laugh. Experience of dormancy in the House? Experience of ‘sidon look’? Experience of diverting funds meant for the development of the constituency? Experience that adds nothing to us as a people? Experience that cannot recommend jobless constituents for jobs? Beat that experience crap. You started from somewhere and garnered that experience you now use as a yardstick of adjudging yourself a good legislator.

“As it stands now, someone else can come in naive, fresh and still do better, while gaining experience, it all starts from somewhere.

“Oga, your experience has expired,” she spoofed.

“I advise you to bow out while you still can save your face (would have said while there’s still ovation, but there was never an ovation). We need someone new, fresh, sound, credible, vibrant, active, accountable, engaging, vision driven, accessible individual who will deliver democratic dividends to his people conscientiously.

“In my conclusion, I’ll leave us with this: ‘He who is faithful in little things is also faithful in much and he who is dishonest in a very little thing will be dishonest in much’. Luke 16:10.

“Let’s ponder on this: How faithful has Hon. Bassey Ewa been all these years as a legislator, that he deserves to be considered, supported and representing the good people of Central Senatorial District in the Red Chambers 2019?

“If you see something, say something,” Ud Ofem adjourns.


  1. i am not shock that this is coming from a lady that madness run in their family, her mrs Ofem should go and take her drugs than trying to gain cheap popularity. if i may ask what are the contributions of her uncle mr Ikio Iblang Ofem to the people of yakurr when he was a commissioner in cross river state??? hon bassey eko ewa is our dependable choice for cross river central senatorial seat, his track record are proven in human capital development, education for the youths, healthcare delivery for the poor and old in rural areas, and various empowerment programs ranging from cash sum to set up small scale business entrepreneurs to equipment to boost skills acquisition in yakurr and abi. similarly his legislative experience speaks volume for all to see, Bassey Eko Ewa remain the only man we can trust with the welfare of our people. he is a man that listen, a man with a heart of gold and our only hope to deliver the dividend of democracy to the people of cross river central. no one should be deceived by her paid cheap propaganda…Bassey ewa has delivered in his various capacity as a leader hence he deserve a chance to do more in the red chambers come 2019.

  2. commrade michael

    Mrs ud ofem is only expressing her self but it occurs she doesn’t understand the concept of politics and how its run first am going to comment her for being brave enough to express her view but second i would encourage her to first allow her self to be schooled in the matters she is deliberating on,that not withstanding, mrs ud ofem please be very sure you have access bassey ewa strength in this matter before you start exhibiting lack of experience in politics matters,please i refer you to do a survey at yakurr/abey, before you shoot out your propaganda…

  3. commrade michael

    mrs ud ofem i understand your crave for a young vibrant candidate but let me remind you madam that experience they say its the best teacher,this same bassey ewa believed in vibrancy and your brother became a counselor,under his watch and experience,a man that believe in grass root leaders,a man who has put the feelings of his people before his,a man who believe in service to the people,it will be wise you refer your propose candidate to bassey ewa to learn the brains of being a good leader, because being a leader doesn’t warrant acting on peoples request but according to laws which governs the people..we are not saying you are wrong but until u are schooled and understand what it is to lead by vying for a position of a shepherd then your words can be consider, we cannot sit and read words from an immature to a man who have served given his sweat,time and above all hopes to not just his people but in diaspora…we are going to apologized on your behalf as you have pleaded. i hope you are brave enough to render this unreserved apology in person…GOD BLESSTHE PEOPLE OF CROSS RIVER STATE

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