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14 Months Without Pay: “The Governor Has Forgotten Us” – Secondary Sch Teachers Cry

In present day Nigeria, securing a job is not as easy as anyone could narrate and the joy that accompanies it is always legendary. However, Cross Riverians employed into the State Secondary Education Board have a totally different story to tell, as, this month of July, 2019 makes it one year and two months (14 months) since they have been working without a salary, not even a month’s.

These teachers were employed by the Cross River State Government in January, 2018 and later posted to their respective schools of assignment in May, 2018. From May, 2018 to July, 2019 it’s exactly 14 months since these teachers have been working yet the CRSG has refused to pay them and leaving them with nothing to hold on to.

Cross River Daily, yesterday had time with few of these teachers, particularly of Calabar South province who lamented that the state government has forgotten them.

They narrated how hard life has been with them for this one year and 2 months of ‘work no pay’. Some stated that before they secured the employment, they were managing with some little jobs that were able to provide for their petty needs. Howthat, since the job from the State Secondary Education Board came around, they left those petty jobs to commit their very whole in the State’s job.

Some told Cross River Daily in confidence that they worked assiduously for the governor’s party, the PDP at their respective centres. They said that they were optimistic the governor will pay them immediately the elections were over. But sadly, it is now a thing of four (4) months since the election month but no sign of payment.

“The Governor’s body language has not changed. We don’t know if he is aware that it is human beings he is dealing with like this. Some people get into government and forget that there is God.

“How can you keep people starving for more than one year and your conscience will not judge you. No body has ever done this. Even in states where we hear that teachers are owed, it is not like this. At least the teachers were paid first before they were owed. But here, we have not received even one naira (N1) from anybody,” one of the teachers said.

Cross River Daily also learnt that some of these teachers lobbied with third parties to secure the job. Some paid as much as one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to get the job and that with salaries not coming forth, they are in total cash-off.

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